Formula Fed Veal Products
Veal Legs

A. Veal Leg, Bone-in

B. Veal Outside Bottom         Round

C. Veal Rump

D. Veal Knuckle

E. Veal Hindshank
F. Veal Inside Top Round
G. Veal Hindshank
    Osso Bucco
H. Veal Eye of Round
I.  Veal Flank Steak
J.  Veal Leg Slices
K. Veal Butt Tender

Veal Legs
Veal Loins

A. Boneless Veal Loin 0 X 0
    Cleaned to Silver

B. Split Veal Loin 4 x 4

C. Veal Porterhouse
    Loin Chops

D. Veal Loin Tender

Veal Racks

A. Veal Hotel Rack,
    6-Rib Chop-Ready

B. Veal Ribeye Roll

C. Veal Hotel Rack, 7-Bone

D. Veal Rib Chops

A. Veal Blade Chuck

B. Veal Chuck, Square-cut

C. Veal Shoulder Clod

D. Veal Boneless Chuck           Roll, Netted

Veal Shoulders

A. Veal Breast

B. Veal Foreshank

C. Veal Foreshank Osso Bucco

D. Veal Foreshank, Center Cut

Veal Breast & Foreshank
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